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What is SEO? How does it work?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to optimize the visibility for both search engine users and search engines. When investing in the design and execution of your business website, you cannot forget about SEO for your site. Without this, your website will not fulfill its primary function such as sales or service – because how can it if the customer can’t find you on the internet?

Why do I need SEO services on my website?

SEO services help your site rank better in the search engines organically. Better rankings in relevant terms will drive more traffic to your site, creating the ability for better exposure and revenue stream. With the help of SEO, your website will be easily visible on search engines.

Can I do SEO on my own website?

Inexperienced site owners may take years to get the top rankings for online success. Also remember, if you had a mistake, your website gets de-ranked or banned from search results. Your business will be damaged. You can do it only if you have enough experiences of SEO.

What does SMO stand for?

SMO, also known as Social Media Marketing, is the process of creating and optimizing content for social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Linked In are some of the most popular social networks. Social media is becoming an integral part of life online as social websites and applications proliferate.

What does PPC stand for?

PPC commonly referred to as Pay Per Click is used in SEM campaigns. SEM managers create ad campaigns and bid to display them on the Search Engine Results Pages. Every time a users click on an ad the client pays a fee to the search engine, thus the term “pay per click”. The higher the bid the better the position.

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