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When Google created the idea of ranking sites based to a certain extent on their link popularity, the logic was that the most worthy sites would naturally have the most quality links to them. In essence, any site could be optimized for a certain keyword phrase, but unless other sites showed an interest to this page by linking to it, it would not rank highly. This, of course, led marketers to question how they could increase their link popularity.

As every business is unique, our process for increasing a site’s link popularity will vary from client to client.

The first step in the link enhancement process is identifying potential link opportunities. In this process we manually check the “back links” for competitive sites that are ranking well for your desired terms. Specifically, we enter your key word search phrases; click on the top ranking sites, and then review who is linking to them and why. After doing this for a number of phrases, we will have a pretty good feel for where the best link opportunities are. Once complete, this information is presented to you the client for review.

Having identified potential link partners, we can now turn to requesting, purchasing, or exchanging links. In an ideal world, every site would want to link to your site simply because it was informative, helpful, and useful to their readers. In reality, links often need to be purchased or exchanged.

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